The Law of Attraction and the Abundance Meme

The phrase “meme” was coined by scientist Richard Dawkins to suggest a unit of cultural information, about equal to the organic gene. The term has because taken on a life of its own –maybe we could say memes of “meme?”– and I doubt if Dawkins would sanction a lot of of the methods it is now utilised. But this sort of is the life of terms and cultural phenomena.
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What can be deemed the abundance meme can be observed with the popularity of guides and films this sort of as The Key, What The Bleep Do We Know, and the Abraham publications by Esther and Jerry Hicks this sort of as, Inquire And It Is Presented. Of training course, there had been several others that preceded these. This motion can be traced again at least as much as the early 20th and even nineteenth Generations, with authors this sort of as Ernest Holmes, creator of The Science of Head, and religions this kind of as Unity and Christian Science.
Nevertheless, right up until reasonably just lately, these concepts were mostly segregated into particular spiritual sects, as nicely as the new age and human prospective movements. That is, there was a substantial but still tiny minority of people subsequent a belief technique that was mostly mysterious to the bulk. This is why I believe we can communicate of an “abundance meme” that commenced to spread a couple of many years back and has only been choosing up momentum.
Predictably, there has been a backlash to this motion, and from a number of fronts. Scientific-minded folks declare there is no proof for The Regulation of Attraction, good pondering or abundance consciousness. Other individuals believe that these suggestions are “new age” and contradict orthodox religious teachings (although numerous illustrations from the Bible and other spiritual textbooks can be found to help these tips as well). Ultimately, some socially-minded individuals locate the idea that we generate our personal actuality truly offensive, looking at it as implicitly blaming the inadequate, unwell or politically oppressed for their situation.
I don’t have area in this report to deal with these kinds of complicated issues in element. In brief, I will place forth the thought that the Law of Attraction is not something you can demonstrate by the conditions of mainstream science. It is some thing that has to be individually experienced. Even if you started out practising this sort of pondering and received the lottery the pursuing week, a “rational” particular person could say it was only a coincidence and you could not demonstrate them wrong. Does it truly matter?
As for “blaming” victims for their situation, this is not the level. I consider that men and women who consider offense to this philosophy are, at some stage, buying into the notion of scarcity that, by some means, by turning out to be more abundant, we are leaving the much less lucky further guiding. I feel the reverse is closer to the reality. The a lot more plentiful we are, the more we can support other folks, and the more we are a dwelling instance of the basic principle.
I do think that people of us in the “abundance group,” as informal a community as it may be, ought to emphasis some of our interest on the “unfortunate,” what ever our beliefs may possibly be about the lead to of their predicament. Our emphasis should not be pity, but to use the principles we believe in to assist type a bridge from no matter what their problem are (e.g. poverty, sickness, addiction, homelessness) to a much more fortunate condition. I consider this is needed, not only in terms of performing “excellent deeds” but in satisfying the wider aim of spreading the abundance meme globally.
The abundance meme should ideally be a variety of benevolent virus that infects every single corner of the planet and every single factor of our lives. This post admittedly is not giving significantly in the way of distinct answers to anything at all it is essentially an invitation for us to delve much more deeply into the notion that we can aid to pace up the spreading of this virus/movement/meme. There is a require for solutions that are summary and theoretical –philosophy, metaphysics, psychology, and so on. We also need to have remedies in the functional realms of economics, politics, environmentalism, and so on.
All of these fields can be remodeled if looked at via the lens of abundance consciousness.

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