Security Camera Seems to Be Prying

Q I live in a excessive-rise condo. Some young adults from my constructing threw eggs at an condominium within the neighboring constructing, which has now mounted a digital camera that appears to point at flats in our constructing. Do we’ve got any recourse?

A “A apartment board may take reasonable movements to guard its assets,” stated Arthur I. Weinstein, a Manhattan attorney who’s a vice president of the Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums. At the equal time, he said, the use of a protection digital camera to see into flats in a neighboring building could maximum possibly be unlawful and could offer grounds for a lawsuit against the building with the digicam.

“It might be in the nice interests of each homes to allow a representative of the letter writer’s building to view the videotapes from the digicam to guarantee the residents that the digicam is being used in a valid way,” Mr. Weinstein said. “I would advise a pleasant approach from the letter author’s dealing with agent to the neighboring constructing’s agent to clear up the hassle.”

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