For the best Steinreinigung in Germany, contact SteinRein

Paving stones are a great addition to a backyard or driveway. However, they can get very dirty. And if you live somewhere with frequent changes in weather, that can affect them as well. If you live in Germany, you need to find a company that specializes in Pflastersteine Reinigen, or cleaning paving stones. There is a company that provides paving stone and other stone cleaning services in Germany.

SteinRein is a stone cleaning company that was founded in 2011 and provides services to many cities throughout Germany, including Ausburg, Berlin, Munich and Nuremburg. The stonemason who founded the company, Tobias Lepschy, started SteinRein as a one-man business that only did natural stone care and cleaning. But since his customer base expanded, so did the services that he needed to provide. So, he joined with other companies and expanded to work with builders, cleaners, pavers and roof cleaners to provide a variety of services to a variety of surfaces.

They can clean lime, rust, chewing gum and more from your stone surfaces. If your stone surfaces are past the point of cleaning, they can provide a full stone floor renovation. They can clean your stone or roof terrace and having it looking like brand new. The company will provide cleaning services to both indoor and outdoor stone surfaces. They also clean roofs and provide coating to protect them. Surfaces they clean include artificial, natural and paving stones. They also clean brick and concrete. For the best Steinreinigung, or stone cleaning services in Germany, contact SteinRein today.