8 Greatest Video Game Villains

So many games cognizance too much at the hero, so the horrific man is disregarded and finally ends up being dull and missing personality. But video games today need greater dimensions to keep trendy ADD gamer involved and happy. This is my salute to the ones video games that have villains nearly as cool, if now not cooler, than the hero. Watch Game of Thrones Season 1 Online

Eight) Final Fantasy eight: Seifer

Seifer starts out as Squall’s fellow pupil in the SEED academy and is the motive Squall has that nasty scar. The contention turns bitter and Seifer suggests his true hues as a villain. I favored that Seifer became a fairly normal looking villain; he wasn’t a dancing clown (Kefka) or a effeminate male blurring gender strains (Kuja).

7) Super Mario: Bowser

Even though Donkey Kong turned into the authentic nemesis of Mario, Bowser turned into manner cooler, mainly due to the fact he turned into a dragon and Donkey Kong changed into just a monkey. Bowser had his very own minions, a big fortress, and spikes on his shell. He always stole the scene from Mario, especially whilst he joins the institution in Super Mario RPG. Because he become the strongest individual in the game, I’ll overlook how ridiculous he regarded in that flying clown.

6) Chrono Cross: Lynx

Lynx is an thrilling villain, he’s a bi-pedal feline with a pretty cool outfit that appears to reflect a dark, gothic fashion that someone like Dracula might wear. With a woman clown named Harle as a sidekick, Lynx had a Joker sense to him and while Serge and him switch bodies, you control Lynx for a part of the sport, developing a connection between him and the gamer.

Five) Resident Evil five: Wesker

You are first introduced to Wesker in Resident Evil, however you get to realize his person a lot better within the 5th installment. A lengthy coat and glasses are the standard villain fare, however Wesker has terrific human strength thanks to the virus he includes in his frame. Chris and Sheva are his punching luggage for the duration of most of the game and Wesker has a few pretty showy actions whilst he places the hurt on them. Do your self a prefer and lease Resident Evil five, if not simply to look at Wesker’s combat scenes.

4) Baldur’s Gate: Sarevok

The intro film to Baldur’s Gate introduces the player to Sarevok and suggests he is not to be taken gently. As step brother of the main individual and killer of his adoptive father, Sarevok’s reasons are doubtful and it’s far as much as the player to tune him down and maintain him from finishing his diabolical schemes. A giant who is included head to toe in armor, Sarevok is a project to defeat.

Three) Metal Gear Solid: Revolver Ocelot

Our first advent to Ocelot is inside the acclaimed PlayStation recreation Metal Gear Solid and it’s far a bit disappointing, on account that he receives his arm cut off by means of Grey Fox. Nevertheless, Ocelot keeps it vintage faculty by means of using a six shooter and the subsequent games within the Metal Gear video games dive deeper into his man or woman. Ocelot become an agent in the course of the Cold War and his marksmanship rivaled Snake’s, if not surpassing it. Not till later within the series does the participant eventually examine what aspect Ocelot is gambling for and the mystery that surrounds him puts him excessive on my listing as a cool villain.

2) Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth

It’s great how Sephiroth is almost a household name, even with those who never played FFVII and the enduring villain is the epitome of cool. Everyone likes Sephiroth, even though he wants to suck all the mako from the planet and sail around the universe on it. What truely raises Sephiroth above different villains are the fight scenese that display his sheer strength and skillful sword play, all the whilst keeping his cocky confidence. Whether it’s against Genesis, Zack, or Cloud, Sephiroth usually places on a display.

1) Knights of the Old Republic: Darth Revan

This is my number one and tops Sephiroth specially because the player actually is Darth Revan, but would not are aware of it till later in the game. Revan is one of the coolest characters within the Star Wars collection, sporting the same old darkish hooded robe and Boba Fett kind masks. It is a terrific twist in the game while you find out which you certainly are this dark and evil person. It’s as much as the player whether or not or no longer to preserve Revan’s reign of terror and reclaim his throne of evil with the aid of defeating his apprentice Dark Malak, or you may flip your back towards your antique approaches and be a part of the mild side of the force.